Construction and Land Inspection

Construction and Land Inspection

Construction Site Monitoring

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer great opportunities to manage and maintain your development.  Pre-programmed routes can be easily and regularly flown. New, autonomous UAVs can be programmed to monitor sites with very limited human intervention.  Progress, asset and employee management can all be made easier and safer on sites of any size with UAV applications.  Contact us to learn more about UAVs for your site.

Land Inspection

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the next step in land inspection.  With proper ground control, land areas of any size can be inspected to a very controlled level for photogrammetry for inspection, orthomosaics or creating 3-D models. UAVs will add more control to your aerial surveys by allowing you to choose when to fly and create the deliverable.  UAVs can reduce your job site time helping you collect accurate data much more quickly.  

Topographical Inspection

LIDAR from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is becoming more of a mainstay in the industry.  LIDAR systems on UAVs can help your company get results to provide new data, improving ROI and winning jobs.  We understand UAV LIDAR and can help you navigate through the complexities of the marketplace.  If you're interested in flying LIDAR with a UAV, your can learn more here.

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