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Unmanned Aerial Specialists has more than two decades of experience with sensors, drones, geospatial and related technologies.  As an organic development from the survey industry, UAS understands the requirement for absolute precision and accuracy.  This has led us to be innovators and leaders in the use of nascent technology.  This innovation has led to strategic relationships with some of the most well-known names in government and industry.


Continuing this philosophy, we realize that the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) will assist organizations in streamlining their operations and provide more accurate results, especially where the need is extremely dangerous, difficult or tedious. While many fixed–wing and 
multi–rotor drones are available, we pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting the most versatile and durable solutions available 
to suit the needs of our clients.


As the scope and use of drones has increased, so too has the need for improved awareness of drones. While the overwhelming majority of drone use is legal, safe and positive; irresponsible, reckless and criminal activity is increasing exponentially. Individuals and businesses want to safeguard their privacy. Government and industry want to protect and secure their interests. Universities and entertainment venues want to ensure the safety of students and spectators. All of these cases, and many others, call for the advancement and deployment of drone detection systems. With an eye toward the future, UAS is the first distributor in North America to offer varied multi–sensor drone detection systems. 

We know you have a choice when it comes to the selection of drones and related solutions. Our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the marketplace allows us to offer tailored recommendations to most requirements.  There is no additional  charge for our services.

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