Corrections Applications


Prisons and Correctional Agencies 

can benefit from the tactical advantage provided by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Acting as a force multiplier, UAVs can aid in surveillance, monitoring and when necessary, tracking escapees.  UAVs offer brand new vantage points, provide a documented evidentiary trail, and can provide a safe standoff in emergency situations.  Law enforcement and security personnel at correctional facilities can benefit from the advantages of UAVs.

Short range ISR and Surveillance Options

Short range missions typically involve a multi-rotor design with room underneath for a small payload. When the requirement calls for a quick up-time to situational awareness and recon, Short Range Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Solutions become mandatory. We offer a variety of platforms for ISR, video and photographic reconnaissance. Your organization will benefit from the "force multiplication factor" of a turnkey, ready to deploy in-house solution.  

Unmanned Aerial Specialists has several systems designed for short range missions. Although there are many systems in the marketplace, we favor turnkey systems with an excellent support network. Click here to see our solutions.

Long Range, High Endurance ISR and Surveillance

For missions with an endurance period greater than 30 minutes or a need to cover wide expanses, FIXED WING and HELICOPTER STYLE drones are best. Primary factors in the selection of long range Unmanned Vehicles are endurance, range, payload capacity and type. The selection of the type of system is dependent on the situation and in some cases, personal preference.   

For some systems, combustion engine propulsion offers greater independence in high endurance flight, especially in remote areas.     
We can guide you to the best systems for long range ISR missions and surveillance.  Click here to read more.

Special Tactical ISR

Certain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can provide valuable imagery or video to insertion teams or siege personnel without being damaged in flight by physical surroundings. These UAVs can be used to assess a situation in confined or unknown areas inside a facility. . Find out more about the Flyability Elios here.

Advanced Automated Solutions

One of the newest solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is advanced autonomous solutions.  This technology enables round the clock checkpoint flights by UAVs.  This adds new vantage points to traditional security video management systems.  Aided with heat detecting Infrared Sensors, these solutions can "see behind the curtain."   Learn more about Nightingale Security here.

Drone Detection

Correctional Institutions are under attack from a new enemy: Drones. Many state correctional institutions have reported at least one incident involving a drone. One prison district reported 90 sightings in 2016--a 600% increase from 2015.  The first step in the process of removing airborne contraband drops is identifying and assessing the situation.  In our initial assessment, we help you identify and quantify the issue at your institution(s) efficiently and inexpensively.  
Learn more about drone detection systems HERE.
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