Power Line Applications


Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection of powerlines may best be performed with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  Using UAVs to perform VI can reduce job-site time and increase safety by eliminating dangerous climbs.  It can further drive a higher ROI by allowing a higher number of visual inspections at regular intervals.  In emergency situations, UAVs can provide quick access to normally inaccessible places to visually confirm damage from storms or other.  We recommend UAVs capable of more than just visual inspection.  In an industry where safety is paramount, we rely on safe, turnkey UAV solutions capable of multiple uses.  Read more here.

Thermal Inspection

In addition to standard RGB cameras, adding thermal cameras to a UAV can help your company detect unusual temperature anomalies in powerlines, insulators or other structures.  Thermal options are easy to add and in many cases, inexpensive.  Plus, normally, there's no special software to learn.  Learn more here.

Topographical, Vegetation Management and sag inspection

LIDAR on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can provide a wealth of information, helping organizations become more efficient and providing more accurate records.  LIDAR is becoming more commonplace as manufacturers and integrators improve the level of technology leading to better accuracy and data quality.  LIDAR systems are available for various budgets and requirements.  Learn more about them here.

Coronal Inspection

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles allow us to take inspection to the next level with Daytime coronal inspection. For regular, easy detection of corona and arcing, using UAVs couple with Daytime Coronal Sensors can make your organization more efficient.  Contact us to learn more about this exciting development.

Line Rigging

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles enable a safer, faster and overall easier process for stringing lines.  Guywires attached to drones can accurately and quickly drop through any chasm or stringing distance and carry payloads up to 100+ pounds. Accurate control on the ground ensures a safe environment for the public and employees.  Contact us to find out which systems will work for your organization
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