Mining Applications

Mining Applications

Aggregate Inventory Management

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles allow for precise and unprecedented capability to capture data like never before.  With UAVs mine operators can minimize the time to collect data, so provide more up-to-date and relevant information with regard to stockpile inventory.  Accurate measurements provide detailed and timely information leading to better business decisions and increased ROI. Contact today to find out which systems are best for you.

Visual Inspection

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer the best method to inspect, maintain and manage mines of all types.  With UAVs, not only can materials be measured, but assets tracked, security levels upgraded, and regular site monitoring can take place accurately, quickly and safely.  Inside the mine, certain UAVs can be used for safer inspections in high risk or dangerous areas. Contact us today to find out more about how UAVs can improve your mining operations.

High Risk Transport

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles offer a unique, new way to maintain control and safely transport high risk or expensive payloads. Examples may include precious gems or bullion.  UAVs are capable of medium and heavy payloads, flying quickly for long ranges at high elevation, so as to elude any potential threat on the ground.  Protecting precious cargo from potential threats will maximize profitability and ensure a higher on-time delivery percentage. 

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