Public Safety Applications


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are making a considerable contribution to public safety and law enforcement.

Never before has situational awareness for public safety officers been so acutely enhanced than with the aid of drones.  Whether for SOP or tactical situations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a force multiplier in any law enforcement organization.  


Whether Police or Sheriff's Department, State or Federal Law Enforcement, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can provide situational awareness beyond comparison.  Life threatening situations can be mitigated through aerial reconnaissance.  Crowds can be monitored.  Criminals can be caught.  Video evidence can be delivered right to your laptop. 


Unmanned Aerial Systems can assist prison law enforcement in containment of prisoners.  Drones can be used to provide new angles for areas of congregation. Sentry and surveillance missions can be pre-planned and executed with mission planner software.  Long range ISR can be deployed for capture of escapees. Drone detection networks can be installed for detection of illegal contraband flown onto prison property.  Learn more about UAV's for effective prison use here.

Ports, Harbors and Infrastructure

To help protect our valuable Ports, Harbors, Dams, Power Plants and other strategic Infrastructure from malicious attacks and criminal activity, Port Police, other Law Enforcement and Security Personnel have a force multiplier from the new vantage points and easy to use Eyes-In-the-Sky provided by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Drone Detection Systems can aid in the detection of unwanted drones, which could be used for destructive or illegal activities.  Find out more about adding new technology to your facility here.


Unmanned Vehicles offer a new level of protection and situational awareness for the private security industry.  Drone detection systems can detect and alert for the presence of unwanted drones.  Unmanned Vehicles can offer eyes-in-the-sky to provide additional ground coverage from unprecedented angles. Click here to learn more about drones for private security organizations.

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