Other Applications

Other Applications

We realize that every requirement cannot be pigeon-holed into specific categorization.  Some requirements are new or simply very unique.  New applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are very common.  We have seen drones used for medical supply delivery, radiation detection, land-mine detection and shark spotting, among many others.  If your organization has a unique requirement for UAVs, please contact us.  We'll be glad to discuss your idea.

Contamination Sensing

It is now possible to fly in potentially contaminated areas. Radiation and caustic or noxious gases can be detected and measured by sensors mounted safely to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, allowing operators to collect the data they need, while preserving safety.   Contact Us to learn about contamination sensing


Deliveries via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is being highly sought in a variety of markets: humanitarian, retail, pharmaceutical, mining, postal and others.  Some of these products are fully developed. However, some legal and infrastructure development is needed in certain markets.  If you are interested in UAVs for delivery to increase safety, decrease risk or other reasons, please contact us.
We will discuss your requirements to help determine if a solution exists, try to locate it or even try to help your organization develop one.

Other and Developmental

The capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their applications is endless.  We have only begun to scratch the surface of UAV capabilities are far reaching.  If your organization is at the point where it requires a UAV in a way which has not been previously attempted, we may be able to help.  With access to hundreds of manufacturers and scores of solutions, we can  learn if a solution exists or potentially help your organization find a partner to develop your solution.
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