Agricultural Applications

Agricultural Applications

Farmers, Ranchers, Growers and other Agricultural Organizations can increase ROI and awareness through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Whether for crop health or livestock management, UAVs provide a new and unprecedented level of detail at an affordable cost.  

Sometimes having multiple UAV's may be required in order to accomplish wide-ranging tasks. Review the options below and contact us with any questions, comments or to get a quote.  All our systems are turnkey and ready to fly.  We ensure training and support are included with every package.

Small Area Management

Multi-rotor style Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are great for monitoring small areas for obstacles, trespassing, weather damage, herd movement and more.  These utilize a multi-rotor design with room underneath for a small camera. Unmanned Aerial Specialists has several systems designed for these short flights. Although there are many systems in the marketplace, we favor turnkey systems with an excellent support network. Click here to see our solutions.

Crop Management

For mission ranges greater than 2Km or requiring longer time in the sky, FIXED WING and HELICOPTER STYLE drones are best. Primary factors in the selection of long range Unmanned Vehicles are endurance, range, payload capacity and type. The selection of the type of system is dependent on the situation and in some cases, personal preference.   

For some systems, combustion engine propulsion offers greater independence in long range flight, especially in remote areas.    

We can guide you to the best systems for long range tactical missions and surveillance.  Click here to read more.

Livestock and Herd Management

The capacity to seek out your active livestock on a large ranch or farm has never been more efficient.  Long range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can cover hundreds of square miles and fly for hours and even days without the need for a human pilot.  Systems can fly pre-programmed routes and even notify of detected targets.
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